0.4 Advantages and limitations of adhesive bonding technology2019-05-03T11:47:17+01:00

0.4 Advantages and limitations of adhesive bonding technology

Advantages of adhesive bonding technology

  • Joining of different materials possible
  • Planar load transfer and uniform stress distribution without stress peaks
  • Preservation of material properties due to low thermal loads and no damage to the materials
  • High freedom of design
  • Integration of other functions (e. g. noise insulation, vibration damping, sealing)
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • Tolerance compensation
  • In some cases increased productivity
  • Prevention of contact corrosion

Limitations of adhesive bonding technology

  • Limited thermal loads
  • For many materials and processes complex surface treatment necessary
  • Specific processing and curing conditions must be observed
  • In some cases long curing times
  • Ageing due to weathering and/or other influences

Definition of “adhesive bonding”:

The j‌oining of substrates using an adhesive

Definition of an “adhesive” (DIN EN 923):

An adhesive is a non-metallic material which can join substrates together via adhesion (surface forces) and cohesion (inner strength).

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