6.5.4 Test method with peel loads2019-05-03T12:58:40+01:00

6.5.4 Test method with peel loads

  • For measurement of the resistance to peel forces; The advantage here is the constant peel angle
  • Used mostly for bonded honeycomb cores
  • Measures the resistance to peel forces acting perpendicular to the bonding area
  • Used mainly for comparative assessment of different adhesives and surface treatments
  • In particular, it provides very useful information about the strength of the adhesion zone in bonded metal-plastic joints
  • Test method for determining crack propagation for simultaneous exposure to mechanical, physical and chemical loads/stresses
  • Observation of the fracture properties of elastic adhesive beads in aged bonded joints
  • Information about the adhesion of the adhesive to the relevant substrate
  • No information about the strength!

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