2.3.1 Fibre reinforced plasitcs

Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP): (fibre composite)

Fibre reinforced plastics consist of fibres (e.g. glass fibres) embedded in plastic (the matrix).

  • Fibres: A textile structure
  • Matrix: Thermosets or thermoplastics which are impregnated with the fibres. The matrix is initially a liquid and is converted to the solid state by a chemical reaction or solidification.

Properties of f‌ibre reinforced plastics

The properties of a f‌ibre reinforced plastic  are largely determined by the polymer matrix (thermosetthermoplastics) and the fibres embedded therein.

Independent of this, general properties of f‌ibre reinforced plastics are:

  • High stiffness and strength per unit weight
  • Low susceptibility to fatigue
  • High damping
  • Customisable resistance to media and chemicals
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Potential use for lightweight construction

They allow high freedom of design.