0.3 Limitations of adhesive bonding technology2019-05-22T13:02:00+02:00

0.3 Limitations of adhesive bonding technology

Technological limitations

  • Limited thermal loads

Jacob Peter Gowy creator QS:P170,Q6119098 Jacob Peter Gowy, Gowy-icaro-prado, als gemeinfrei gekennzeichnet, Details auf Wikimedia Commons

Myth of Daedalus and Icarus (please click on the picture!)

  • Limited long-term stability due to ageing
  • In general cannot be detached on demand
  • Conclusions about the joint strength and <adhesion only possible using destructive tests

Process limitations

  • Many adhesives and auxiliary materials (cleaning agents, primers, etc.) are hazardous materials → Special measures required
  • In general, joints cannot be subjected to loads immediately after bonding → Fixing necessary
  • High process requirements (many quality-determining parameters can only be measured using destructive tests)

Adhesive bonding  = Special process (DIN EN ISO 9000 ff.)

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