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8.2.2 Preparation of the substrates

2b. Preparation of the substrates: Substrates


  • Visible inspection
  • Acclimatisation
  • Check the accuracy of fit

Surface treatment

  • Cleaning
  • Grinding / grit blasting / etching / flame treatment, etc.
  • Acclimatisation
  • Protection (e.g. after surface activation)
  • Primer application

2b. Preparation of the substrates: Primer

  • Processing; see the technical data sheet

Usually as follows:

  • Acclimatise in the workplace before use in the closed container
  • Check the identity, expiry date
  • Visible inspection
  • Note the date of first opening
  • Note the batch number
  • Only keep the container open as long as necessary
  • If transfer to another container is necessary, use a suitable container and label accordingly

2b. Preparation of the substrates: Processing the primer

  • See the technical data sheet

Usually as follows:

  • Shake the primer container before use
  • Only apply the primer to clean and dry surfaces
  • Use suitable application aids (sponge, felt applicator, brush)
  • Apply a closed, thin layer (as thin as possible!)
  • Heed the evaporation time (temperature-dependent!)
  • Heed the open time
  • Dispose of residues in the proper way

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