8.2.1 Preparation of the workplace2019-05-03T17:38:57+02:00

8.2.1 Preparation of the workplace

  • Clean and free of sources of contamination
  • Dry
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Well-organised with assigned places for adhesives, auxiliary materials, waste containers, etc.
  • All necessary materials/utensils in sufficient quantities
  • Suitable containers for weighing out /mixing materials
  • Suitable processing equipment (spatulas, mixers/stirrers; cartridge press, etc.)
  • Solvents for cleaning reusable equipment after use and to remove spilt materials, etc.
  • Fluff-free paper cloths / textile cloths (uncoloured)
  • Work instructions, instructions for use (possibly technical data sheets and safety data sheets)
  • Functioning safety equipment (ventilation, eye wash fountain, fire extinguishers, sink, first aid kit, etc.) (see the relevant safety data sheet)
  • Personal protection equipment (safety glasses, skin protection, breathing protection) (see the relevant safety data sheet)
  • Before starting the work, acclimatise the closed container to the ambient temperature in the workplace for a few hours (→ no condensation)
  • Check the identity of the adhesive (is it the correct adhesive?)
  • Check that the expiry date has not lapsed
  • Visible inspection (integrity of the container, appearance and consistency of the contents)
  • Note the date of first opening clearly on the container
  • Note the batch number (→ Traceability)
  • Only keep the container open as long as necessary
  • If transfer to another container is necessary, use a suitable container (e. g. one that cannot be confused with drink/food containers) and label in accordance with statutory requirements

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